Pelvic Correction

Do you suffer from regular aches and pains? 97% of patients experience pain in parts of their body which can be sourced back to pelvic misalignment.

Wei Wu’s Aligned Wellness programe crucially incorporates correction of the alignment of the pelvis to provide effective and immediate pain relief.

Why is pelvic alignment so important? The pelvis is the foundation of the human skeletal frame. The pelvis and the spine form a cross. When the pelvis is properly horizontal, the spine will be straight and vertical and the legs will be too.

The moment the pelvis becomes misaligned, the bones below it and above it become disorderly too. Subsequently the body suffers from pathological changes at particular joints, e.g. the knee and ankle; the shoulder, elbow and wrist; the neck; and, of course, the back. The body tells us something is wrong by sending messages of pain.

Pelvic correction offers significant relief from much of the pain that patients experience and benefits can be seen after one treatment.

Wei Wu practices The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction to correct the alignment of the human body, and has trained directly under the personal supervision of the founder Alexander Barrie MRSS, RCST, ABSPC.