“Let us enjoy youth and optimum health all together!”

To compliment her holistic approach programme, Wei combines within all her treatments, diet and nutrition advise. Wei coaches and guides her clients, supporting them along this crucial path of lifestyle change and involved emotional journey.

Wei narrates: I struggled with weight problems almost all my life. The more I aged, the more I suffered inflammation all over the body, I endured various aches and pains, and numbers chronic health issues.  I even had a premature menopause at the young age of 37.

Wei continues: Finally, I have found a way of healthy eating to reach the ideal body weight.

I am in a state of metabolic flexibility, and I enjoy my food without guilt and worrying about gaining weight and accumulating disease.  I enjoy true freedom. I am looking younger and more energetic than I was in my 30s.

My skin and muscle tone are so different compared to a couple of years ago.  My face is radiant and my muscles are strong and firm, even without doing exercise each and every day.

I have began using natural whole foods, together with intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting. This helps people correct the adverse status of their metabolic system and heal their chronic illnesses naturally. It is a lifestyle change, and not just a diet change.

Once you start it, you will stick to it for life, because you feel so much better than you did before.  You do have more mental clarity, more focus, and more energy. No more afternoon fatigue. You reduce and experience fewer cravings for the wrong foods. No more aches and pains!

Wei concludes: It is a formula that I have found which works, and I want to share it with the world. By eating whole foods and avoiding refined processed foods, my clients feel freer all round, and youthful again. They are able to reverse the ageing process, avoid common chronic illnesses and ultimately feel great again and enjoy true freedom.