Q: What happens in Wei Wu’s Aligned Wellness session?

A: The first session begins with a discussion about your health. This will include any specific problems you have, any conditions and underlying health issues. You can discuss your work, home life, eating habits and exercise patterns. You decide what to talk about and how much, or how little. This takes longer time on your first visit; on subsequent visits less. In later sessions you can focus on any changes that have taken place.

This is followed by the Shiatsu and Pelvic Correction treatment which usually lasts about 45 minutes. After which there will be time to relax and talk about the treatment.

Q: What conditions is Wei Wu’s therapy good for?

A: Shiatsu is safe and gentle and can help with most conditions. Combined with controlled and painless Pelvic Correction in this unique therapy, Wei brings pain relief, correction and impact upon the whole body. The key is your discussion and understanding with Wei. As your treatment progresses, you will agree the immediate and longer term outcomes you want to achieve.

Q: Does the treatment hurt?

A: No. Wei will only apply the amount of pressure and extent of manipulation that allows you to stay relaxed and enjoy the treatment. If you experience any discomfort at all, Wei will know and react accordingly. You will feel the relaxation of your body and relief from pain during and after your treatment.

Q: Can Wei Wu’s treatment help with ongoing or incurable conditions?

A: Yes. Wei’s Aligned Wellness programme will improve, moderate and manage symptoms even if you’ve been told the problem will never go away. Shiatsu will boost tolerance levels and help you deal with the symptoms more easily.

In addition, the aligned therapies Wei practices, have the potential to make a fundamental difference to long-term conditions. You can discuss with Wei the medical and therapeutic theories involved in your recovery. It is possible to achieve less pain and better health than you’ve dared to hope for.

Q: How many sessions will be needed?

A: Wei Wu’s Aligned Wellness programme helps the body’s energy to rebalance itself. If the condition is serious or long-standing, the energy patterns will have become accustomed to being out of balance, and it may take longer to heal. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes improvement is very rapid. Wei’s treatment is based upon understanding that everyone is different.

Wei advises most clients to plan for an initial course of 6-10 once weekly sessions to ensure the greatest benefit. Wei would expect you to notice some changes right from the first treatment and a considerable improvement by the sixth, especially if you are having weekly treatments.

Wei will discuss with you the best way to maintain the improvements long term, through your self-management, supported by Wei’s sessions at intervals.

Q: How will I feel after my treatment?

A: People find the treatment leaves them feeling deeply relaxed, with a sense of well-being and calmness. It can also leave you feeling intensely alive and energised. Sometimes you will want to rest and sometimes emotions surface, either during or after a treatment. This is perfectly normal and it is good to allow yourself time to experience, rather than suppressing these emotions.

Q: Can the treatment be an emotional treatment?

A: Yes. You may sometimes release long suppressed feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, grief or joy. There is no need to feel embarrassed and there is no pressure to discuss your feelings. You may prefer to take time to experience and come to terms with what you are going through. Wei will understand, and emphasises that most often people feel relaxation, well-being and happiness after your treatment.

Q: Do I need to rest after my treatment?

A: Not necessarily, but if you are able to keep the rest of your day relatively stress-free that will increase the effects and benefits of your treatment.

Q: Do I have to get undressed?

A: No. You remain fully clothed. You should wear loose fitting clothing, preferably with long sleeves and remove all unnecessary items such as jewelry. It is good to have a sweat-shirt or similar, for warmth, and not to rely on a tee-shirt (body-temperature often drops a little during the treatment). Avoid wearing a skirt or jeans, and wear, or bring a clean pair of socks.

Q: Can I have Wei Wu’s treatment if I am having other complementary or alternative therapy?

A: Yes. If you have any concerns about mixing treatments, please discuss them with Wei.

Q: Do I have to be ill to benefit from Wei Wu’s therapy?

A: No. People can benefit from purely for relaxation and enjoyment. Regular treatments will relieve any stress, help to keep the body in harmony and ward off ill-health.

Q: What if I am on medication?

A: Wei’s treatment will not interfere with your medication. It will often complement conventional medical treatment by having an overall strengthening effect, improving the circulation of blood and lymph and reducing stress. If you are at all concerned about a medical condition or medication, talk to your doctor and to Wei before your treatment.

Q: Are there any times when Wei Wu’s Aligned Wellness programme should be avoided?

A: Wei’s treatment is a very safe therapy, but it should be avoided if you:

  • have an infectious disease
  • are suffering from any acute, feverish illness
  • have internal bleeding or blood clots
  • have had a major operation during the last 3 months
  • Tell Wei about any condition that has been diagnosed by a doctor and, of course, you can discuss any health issue that worries you.

Q: I’m pregnant – can I still receive Wei Wu’s treatment?

A: Yes. Wei’s treatment is safe and supportive during and after pregnancy. It can be an integral part of post-natal recuperation and help through the changes introduced to your life.

Q: Can I exercise after treatment?

A: Yes, but strenuous exercise may negate the relaxed state you have achieved after treatment. It is best to enjoy that relaxation for a few hours more if possible.

Q: Can I drive after treatment?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Wei’s treatment suitable for children?

A: Yes.