Aligned Wellness Academy

“Our sole goal is to help others understand the reason for their physical, mental and emotional
pain and empower them to look after their own health and that of their clients and families”

The aligned wellness academy presents an Extraordinary certified course in a new medical Concept to the western world:

Taiwanese Yuan Shi Dian Medicine (YSD)

Treating Illness. Maintaining Youth, Health and Longevity.

Tutor: Wei Wu SrSS MBA

Wei Wu, senior Shiatsu and Yuan Shi Dian Medicine (The Source of Pathological
Conditions) Practitioner, will be holding a life-changing 4-Day Certified Workshop to explain and to teach in depth how to neutralise successfully the damaging impact of ill-health.

Why we need to learn YSD Medicine?

  • Learn a basic survival skill for us all!
  • For health care professionals to give more effective treatment!
  • For people looking for new directions in life!
  • YSD Medicine will wake you up, finally!

Yuan Shi Dian Medicine arises out of the abandoning of existing preconceptions in Medicine. Starting from scratch, so to speak, trusting the solutions found together with feedback from thousands of patients, rather than suffering the conflicts of conventional medical knowledge.

Yuan Shi Dian Medicine has been developed by Master Dr. Chang Chaohan (Taiwanese Traditional Chinese Medicine). It has been clinically tried and tested for treating many illnesses, and has been proven by producing a very high success rate, and this, by healing all types of patients with their difficult medical disorders. This includes the enabling of cancer patients to recover in a natural way.

Yuan Shi Dian in itself, is a Medical Science whose nature is a combination of  diagnosis, treatment and health maintenance, which is ideally, in our experience, what a Medical System should be.

Yuan Shi Dian Medicine‘s principles and techniques are focused on boosting our body’s self-healing capacities. Fundamentally, it is our body’s ability to self-heal that ultimately ‘cures’ all injuries, diseases and illnesses. Applying the correct Yuan Shi Dian Medicine theory and practice will boost our self-healing interior mechanism and help to deal with all incurable diseases such as with cancer, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, incontinence, and numerous other disorders.

Yuan Shi Dian Medicine is an advanced development on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It simplifies the Meridian System and the Acupuncture Points. Yuan Shi Dian has found all the major Pathological Source Points of the body and thus, it is truly the most effective way of treating most medical disorders. Dr. Chang Chaohan’s research and findings are one of the most important milestones in recent Chinese Medical History. It is a cutting-edge medical concept, a milestone in the modern medical field whether for the Chinese or for all Western Medical disciplines.

The System so far, is not particularly well known in Europe. It is our mission to make known such an effective, powerful and needless to say ‘Green’ medicine from the East. You will learn the brief history of Yuan Shi Dian Medicine, the basic theories, and you will also experience and witness this powerful Medical System for yourself. During the course, you will also learn the main techniques and methods of the practice and enjoy discussions with a few difficult case-studies.

We will also cover an important subject on the alignment of the human pelvis. Show how to diagnose a misaligned pelvis and how to correct it naturally.

The misaligned pelvis not only induces musculo-skeletal aches and pains, it will may also engender physiological and pathological conditions. In this way, all the visceral organs of the body and its structures reveal their influences on one another. The terrible adverse effects on the joints of the skeletal frame are important to note.

Check out the Course Agenda page, for future sessions details.